Flurries-The Great Snowflake Project Part 2

A perk of writing a blog is I get to cheat on the date that is acceptable to start holiday decorating. The first group of snowflakes is dancing in the window. We still have to get through a family birthday and Thanksgiving so the garland isn’t up yet. This is just a dusting compared to the Nor’easter I am planning. All of these are made with LION BRAND COTTON EASE which is much thicker than snowflakes are normally made but I wanted them to be big. I was a little nervous that they wouldn’t hold form but I used 1:2 ration of elmers glue to water and pinned them down. It took a long time for them to dry but they are stiff enough to hold their shape. I used three books that are out of print but I bought used from Amazon for a few dollars each. I just looked to post them but I guess since we are so close to Christmas they are crazy expensive. There are plenty of free patterns on the internet for snow flakes.


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